Naming Ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies - Turning Points - Wedding Commissioner - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Congratulatons on your new arrival!

If, like a growing number of parents, you wish to celebrate the birth of your child but have decided against a Religious ceremony, a Civil Naming Ceremony offers you an alternative. A Civil Naming Ceremony celebrates the birth, or adoption, of your child, and welcomes them into the family. Using the family's own selection of words, poems and readings every ceremony created by Turning Points is unique. If requested, religious content like prayers and/or religious reading can be incorporated in the ceremony. A typical ceremony lasts about 20 minutes and can be as long as an hour depending on the families wishes.

Naming ceremonies are not legally binding and do not have any legal status nor are they religious services and will not be recognized by religious institutions. However  having a naming ceremony does not preclude a religious christening or baptism. It can complement a church baptism, be a part of a at home christening celebration, or be the means by which a family  formally welcoming the child into the family and the community. 

In preparing for a naming ceremony I will spend time getting to know your family to ensure I create a ceremony which perfectly reflects your needs, your beliefs, your values and the unique qualities of your child and your child's heritage. The ceremony can be held at a location and time convenient to all concerned. Depending on the number of guests attending Naming Ceremonies are usually held in the home or, for larger gatherings at a reception facility. Some families have held the ceremony in a park, at the cottage or other natural setting. The venue is entirely up to you.

Benefits of a Naming Ceremony:

  • Helps toclarify how you want to support your child as he or she grows.

  • Provides the opportunity for significant adults to express their wishes and hopes for the child's future, and commit to supporting and nurturing the child.

  • Provides the parent(s) with an opportunity to acknowledge their gratitude to family and friends for their involvement in their child's life.

  • A formal ceremony to appoint and recognize godparents/mentors and other significant adults, such as grandparents, who have important roles in the nurturing and supportingof your child's development.

Most ceremonies will incorporate:

  • Introduction and welcome to guests

  • Reading

  • Naming of the child

  • Promises by parents and/or godparents

  • Reading

  • Closing words or blessing

  • Signing of certificate

    Additional suggestions include:

  • A description of your  child's ancestry and cultural background

  • Your hopes for your child's future

  • Vows to the child by parents, siblings, grandparents

  • Mention of absent guests

  • In Memorial – remembering of  family and friends who have passed away

  • Presentation of a gift or symbols

  • The use of symbols such as candles, wishing stones, trees, mementos, gifts, items of family significance

Included in the Fee $250

  • In-person consultation to explore ideas and to develop the framework of the ceremony

  • Follow up emails to perfect the ceremony

  • Conducting the ceremony

  • All travel time & costs if within the City of Winnipeg perimeter


Conditions of Booking

  • $100.00 non-refundable deposit upon booking
  • Balance of fee prior to the ceremony