Saying Goodbye:
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“They give us so much and ask for so little.”


We love our pets.

As one who has been surrounded with pets throughout my life, one of the hardest acts of love I have had to make was how to help my sick or very old pet die. Because of this I understand the pain of losing a cherished furry family member and have come to recognize the profound emotional effect it has on both the human family members and surviving family pets. I also recognize, in the midst of this time, the need to reflect on my relationship with this cherished friend, to find ways to thank them for the gift they have been to me and the need to find ways to gather so that family and friends can say their goodbyes.

Tributes to Cherished Companions

Saying Goodbye: Pet Funerals and Memorial Services can help you through this difficult time by working with you to create a beautiful and personal ceremony which honours and celebrates your pet’s life. Be it through storytelling, music, poetry or a power-point presentation the content and style of ceremony is yours. My role is to assist you in your decision making, to provide you with the resources and options you need, and to lead you through the ceremony.

It is recommended that, where possible, you consider making arrangement before the final days of your pet's life. If you want family members and friends to be present it is a good idea to give them some notice of at the ceremony and to explain your wishes to them. This ceremony can be held a day or two before euthanasia, at the time of euthanasia or at the time of burial or ash scattering later. The choice is yours.

Included in the Fee of $200.00

Up to three hours of in-person, telephone and e-mail consultation to develop the framework of the ceremony, the creation of the ceremony, conducting the ceremony, travel time to meet with client(s), travel time to and from the ceremony location and travel costs within the city of Winnipeg.

To help with the decisions that must be made we will look at the various options which are available to you.

  • Euthanasia or natural death.
  • Burial or cremation.
  • If burial is chosen then the next decision will be the location, a local pet cemetery, in your garden or another location.
  • If cremation is chosen then the decision will be to scatter the ashes, to house them in an urn or where to bury.
  • A directory of local grief support groups or agencies and a listing of resources will also be provided.
Conditions of Booking
Includes a non-refundable deposit of $125.00 with the balance of the fee prior to the ceremony.