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Funeral Pre–Planning Consultation


                49% of deaths in Canada

              are sudden and unexpected


By documenting your wishes ahead of time your family will have the information they will need to allow them to grieve your death without the stress and pain of having to make many difficult decisions in haste.


Completing a Funeral Pre-Planning Checklist with Turning Points is easy to do. We will assist you with selecting the right Funeral Home, review the choices you will be asked to make, identify the information required by VItal Statistics, and determine the type and content of a Celebration of Life Service that will be most meaningful and comforting to your family.


Today pre-planning your own funeral ceremony is as essential as having a will. As one 90 year old remarked, "It's not that I want to die anytime soon or am ghoulish, it has to do with independence and unless I tell my kids what I want at my funeral how will they know."


Fee: $50/hr



  • Two hours of in-person Consultation in your home

  • Assistance with Funeral Home selection

  • Assistance in ceremony selections

  • A final copy of your plan

  • Travel time and costs to and from planning meetings







"Now What? Planning for the Inevitable"


The best gift you can give your children during your lifetime is your unconditional love. The second best gift is to plan for your death. Yet there seems to be a growing perception that a funeral or memorial service is unnecessary. It's easy to say, "Oh, don't make a fuss. I don't want a ceremony. Just bury me and be done with it" or "it's just a waste of good money." But it is important to realize that the ritual of a funeral service isn't for the deceased but for the living. It is a time when friends and family can gather together to grieve openly and to provide support for one another.



FREE 60 minute workshop

We will explore:

  • How to have a meaningful conversation with loved ones about death

  • The significance of a funeral service to those who are left to grieve

  • Types of services available

  • The importance of writing your life story

  • Your funeral your choices – selecting the content

Minimum number of people: 10


To learn more about booking a Workshop please contact Jeannette at





Comments from Jeannette's Pre-planning Seminars


Lori Friesen commented: I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone wanting to spare their loved ones the pain and stress of all the planning involved, in the event of their untimely passing. I am familiar with the holistic and empathetic work of Jeannette Brigit.


A seminar participant: I discovered that I could combine a religious service which is important to me, and, at the same time, include pieces which my kids and grandkids will find meaningful.



A Winnipeg participant: I have attended many funerals where the deceased was barely mentioned or celebrated. Pre-planning.... ensures that wouldn't happen to you or your loved ones...